About ANO "Human Capital Development"

Today we  live in  conditions of rapidly developing technologies, primarily digital ones. This, on the one hand, substantially simplifies life and allows more and more people to benefit from the development of civilization. On the other hand, new requirements are created for the level of development of each person, including development of the professional.

Human capital key resource and the main product of the economy of the 21st century, which creates the maximum value added in the long run and provides significant growth for the economy of the city, the state, and the world economy in general.

At present, one of the most important tasks of the state is the development of human capital, since it is around the resources of human capital that global global trends are increasingly being built today. Development of human capital  necessary

and  an indispensable condition for the development of innovation economy, knowledge economy, global information systems, new technologies and new business forms.

In the present-day world, on n & nbsp; forward positions, there are no longer even those who are embedded in prospective trends, and those who form them. It is Moscow, as one of the world's largest agglomerations, that does not have only the potential, but also a prepared base for participating in these processes.

Successful development in the near future will only be in those agglomerations and states that can provide a balance of employment and quality jobs, which will result in increased productivity  one of the most important factors of economic growth. It is this process that is being launched in Moscow today, thanks to the rate for the development of human capital with the active participation of the ANO "Human Capital Development".


The main goal of the ANO "Human Capital Development" is the creation and development in the city of Moscow of infrastructure for the professionalization of youth in the innovative sector of the city's economy, including support for the creation and development of vocational guidance centers, leisure and educational complexes, children's technology parks, help in choosing a profession.


Increasing Moscow's competitiveness in Russia and the world due to the development and effective implementation of the city's human capital


  • Realization of highly qualified human capital as a competitive advantage of Moscow
  • Training of specialists in accordance with the prospective demand of Moscow employers for staff and competence
  • Adaptation and introduction on the city sites of the newest technologies in the field of training / retraining of personnel
  • Provision of opportunities for the city's residents to undergo requalification, increase their competitiveness through an online platform or on urban sites
  • Formation and assistance in the implementation of individual educational and professional trajectories of Muscovites
  • Development of a matrix of professions that are accessible and suitable for people with disabilities, the creation of a training center.
  • Creation of a system of continuous professional training throughout life
  • Monitoring and identification of market needs in current knowledge and competencies, creation of technology for monitoring and forecasting the demand for human capital

By 2030, about 60 professions will disappear in various fields, and more than 180 new ones will appear at the same time. In the next five years, more than a third of the knowledge and skills required for work will change.

Human capital is a key resource and the main product of the economy of the xxi century, which creates maximum added value in the long term and provides significant growth for the city's economy.

The development of human capital is a necessary and mandatory condition for the development of an innovative economy, knowledge economy, global information systems, new technologies and new forms of business.